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Willi Kissmer Paintings

Original Oil Paintings by Willi Kissmer: Over the past decade The Fine Art Company has sourced and commissioned many original oil paintings by renowned German figurative painter Willi Kissmer.  Here you will find a number of currently available art works, as well as an extensive gallery showing sold works and commissions we have organised for clients. We often have new works available and if you would like to be kept up to date with news, please drop us an email at and we will add you to our Willi Kissmer mailing list.

Willi Kissmer was born in Duisburg, Germany in 1951. From an early age he was drawn to the arts. At the beginning he was interested in music, playing guitar in a rock band and releasing three record albums. Then, in 1971, he decided to concentrate on the visual arts and enrolled at The Folkwangschule, Essen, where he studied printmaking for five years.

Kissmer’s approach always contains elements of realism using the nuances of light and shadow to surreal effect. For the first years of his career, his subjects were simple, everyday objects grouped together to create haunting still life studies. During this time Kissmer produced a large volume of work which always sought to fully realise the subtleties of his images in his chosen medium, no matter how long or complicated the process. This included etching and also painting with acrylics. He spent this time exploring possibilities and focusing his skills, becoming internationally recognised for his talent and the particular qualities of his highly personal vision. He exhibited in numerous group and one-man shows.

For the past ten years, Kissmer has perfected his abilities to create images that generate excitement in the viewers’ imagination. The majority of his pictures are based on fabric – a common place item which one takes for granted. However, one is forced to reconsider its qualities when confronted with the power that Kissmer weaves into this basic material whether it is shown billowing, hanging limply, stretched tightly, twisted, creased, folded or draped.

With images that involve Beate, Kissmer introduces another element of intrigue. She can be casually standing in a silk slip or erotically bound in tight swathes. The contrast of cloth and skin is shown with exquisite precision. Very rarely is Beate seen in her entirety. As Kissmer states, ‘When I think erotic, it is always combined with textiles. What you can’t see you have to explore in a different way by using your imagination. It requires other senses to be used rather than just looking at it.’

They now live and work in Duisburg, in a Gothic revival tower overlooking The Rhine. He owns one of the largest etching presses in Europe and, with continual study and exploration of printing techniques, he is able to produce his own notated artist’s proofs to match his own exacting standards.

Kissmer is undeniably a modern master of figurative painting and etching processes. Many artists are, but he is empowered with unique skills which give his work a greater depth that impacts powerfully on the sense’s reactions. Above all, the essence that summaries Kissmer’s work is its tactile qualities. To quote the Chairman of the Nevada Institute of Contemporary Art, ‘You don’t just see it; you touch it with your eyes.’

Willi Kissmer
'Ruckenakt' 2006 ('Back View')
Oil on paper on wood (unframed)

100 x



Original Oil Paintings Kissmer UK

Willi Kissmer
'Kniennde' 2009
Oil on paper on wood (framed)
120 x 87cm

Framed in a black frame with silver detail an overall size of 125 x 92cm


Willi Kissmer
'Der Rosa Unterrock'
Oil on paper on wood (framed)

37 x

Price On Request


Willi Kissmer Books


Willi Kissmer Oil Paintings Book

Buy Willi Kissmer 'Malerei' Book of Oil Paintings  £89.95

Hardback, 2005, New


This beautifully produced book features two essays about Willi's paintings in both German and English accompanied by high quality reproductions of his oils.

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Willi KissmerEtchings Book Cover Buy Willi Kissmer: Werkverzeichnis der Druckgrafik 1980-2000

Book of Etchings  £199.95

Hardback, 2000 New


This beautifully produced book features essays about Willi's work in both German and English accompanied by high quality reproductions of his beautiful figurative etchings.

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Gallery of Sold Paintings and Commissions from The Fine Art Company
Commissioned Painting by Willi Kissmer Willi Kissmer
Gelbkleid 2010 Sold
Oil on canvas on wood (Framed)

Ruckenakt, 2005 - Examples of Commissioned Paintings by this artist Kissmer
Oil on paper on wood

105 x 70cm (approx)


New Oil, 2005 Willi Kissmer
Stehendeimgrau ('Standing Figure in Grey') Sold

117 x 78
cm (approx)
'Das Schwarze Kleid' Painting - Commission an artwork Willi Kissmer
Das Schwarze Kleid' Sold
Oil on paper on wood (framed)

60 x
Figure in Grey original oil painting 2008 Willi Kissmer
Figure in Grey, 2008 Sold
Oil and Acrylic on canvas  (Framed)
Willi Kissmer - Original Oils on Wood and Canvas Willi Kissmer
Standing Sold
Oil on canvas on wood (Framed)
'Das Lila Hemd' Original Oil Painting Willi Kissmer
'Das Lila Hemd' Sold
Oil on paper on wood (framed)
'Viktorianische Schals' Figurative Painting by Willi Kissmer Willi Kissmer
'Viktorianische Schals' Sold
Oil on paper on wood (framed)

85 x
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