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Alice Dalton Brown Prints - How to Add Light & Space to Your Interior

Light and space are two key themes in American artist Alice Dalton Brown's work. Her meticulous, almost photographically realistic paintings feature sun streaming though windows with tranluscent, billowing curtains leading onto verandas with the blue ocean in the distance.

Buy Art Prints and Posters by Artist Alice Dalton Brown

Working predominantly in oil and pastel on paper, her large canvases feature luminous views from tranquil interiors, each work infused with Dalton Brown’s signature warm light and strong compositions which lend themselves perfectly to fine art prints. Our collection of large-scale Alice Dalton Brown art prints and posters are ideal for adding depth and space to even the darkest interior. They provide a window onto another time and place and her use of subtle colours - blues, whites, greys, greens - is easy to pair with any furnishings or colours you might have in a room.

Left: 'Amber Light' art print featuring golden evening light streaming through a window onto a wooden floor. This poster is ideal for adding a splash of #summer #sunshine to your #interior!

The Blues Come Through Art Print by Alice Dalton Brown

'The Blues Come Through' is probably Dalton-Brown's best known art print (or for you Americans, 'poster') and has been a best-seller at The Fine Art Company since the beginning. Measuring an impressive 100 x 152cm, it fills the wall and provides a real focal point in a room. It features a sun-drenched room with white curtains moving gently in the breeze. There seems to be no barrier between the interior and the perfect blue sea below.

Alice Dalton Brown Blues Come Through Art Print
Blues Come Through Art Print

Other popular fine art prints in this collection include Long Golden Day, Transitions, After His Appearance art print and the stunning Good Day (Light) by artist Alice Dalton Brown.

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