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Cycling Art Prints

Updated: May 22, 2021

Fab Art Inspired by Cycling & the Tour De France

Cycling Art Prints & Posters:

Cycling, bicycles and the world-famous race the Tour De France provide the inspiration for today's Fine Art Company blog and here you'll find the best in cycling-inspired art. These dynamic, action-packed images are a must for any cycling enthusiast! There are energy-filled linocuts by printmaker Lisa Takahashi, fun, humour-filled vintage-advertising-poster style prints of Tour de France racers by graphic designer Spencer Wilson and sassy, stylised prints of bikes and cyclists by British artist Jeremy Harnell. Paired with a simple and affordable black frame, these cycling art prints and posters make an eye-catching addition to any home or office or gift for the cyclist in your life.

Lisa Takahashi Art Prints:

Artist Lisa Takahashi is renowned for her bold, geometric linocut prints of cyclists and is probably best known for her limited edition linocut print 'Chain Gang' which was first shown at the Royal Academy Summer Show last year. In her striking, dynamic depictions of cyclists Takahashi pares back detail to leave just the most essential shapes of the cyclists and uses geometry to emphasise form. Her compositions focus on movement and sport, specifically, in many of her prints, on cycling where she finds a natural geometry both in the shapes of the individual cyclists and in the pattern produced by the group. Here at The Fine Art Company you'll also find Lisa Takahashi's limited edition prints 'Echelon' and 'Tour de Force' featuring Tour de France racing scenes.

Eschelon Art Print by Takahashi
Lisa Takahashi Art Prints

Above: This striking cycling print 'Echelon' is particularly representative of artist Lisa Takahashi’s work. Similar to many of the best art prints in the Grosvenor School, the shapes are made essential, the geometry emphasised, and the colours give this popular cycling-themed print the heat of sun and depth of shadow which so often accompanies a summer cycle race.

Spencer Wilson Posters:

London Illustrator and animator Spenser Wilson's witty cycling posters feature Tour De France cyclists who are full of character. In 'Chapeaux' a rider boasting a handlebar moustache and stick-thin legs speeds along on his bicycle touching his cap.

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Californian-born graphic artist Jeremy Harnell produces bold, abstract art prints that are guaranteed to appeal to cycling fans.

Famed for it's extremely steep gradient and hairpin bends, L'Alpe D'Huez regularly forms part of the Tour de France. Due to the dramatic mountain terrain the track is often thronged with spectators. Jeremy Harnell's hugely popular cycling art print 'L'Alpe D'Huez' shows a road snaking up between two snow-capped mountain peaks with the sun setting in the background.

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