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Michael Sole's Dramatic Seascape Paintings

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Art Prints and Canvases by artist Michael Sole

Devon-born artist Michael Sole produces powerful, evocative canvases of the sea that are so realistic that you can almost taste the sea salt and feel the spray on your skin! Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art in 2008, Sole has developed his own unique painting style and techniques using oil paint and acrylics which he spatters directly onto the canvas Jackson Pollock style, before pouring and tilting to really capture the energy and movement of water. Michael produces extraordinary large canvases which he lays upon the floor of his studio, a converted Victorian Gymnasium with an abundance of light and space. The results are organic and textural. He often spends many days in a location absorbing the spirit of a place before returning to the studio to translate his experiences onto the canvas. He loves a good storm where the sea surges and breaks against the shore and many of his artworks feature stormy scenes and moody skies.

Michael's ethereal seascape prints on canvas make the perfect addition to a coastal home, restaurant or workplace. These evocative canvas prints are ideal for adding colour, atmosphere and movement to a room. Below you will see the calmer seaside scene entitled 'Morning Sea' featuring waves breaking upon the shore in the dreamy pink and yellow light of dawn. This subtle, peaceful art print on canvas would be perfect for a bedroom.

'Black Venn' Canvas Print by #MichaelSole

Below you'll find the Michael Sole canvas print 'Black Venn' in his distinctive style featuring a surging, foaming sea crashing against grey rocks with a headland in the distance. With his unique use of acrylic and oil paint dripped and blended directly upon the canvas Sole achieves a distinctively marbled effect. Other bestselling art prints on canvas include his subtle #seascape #paintings 'Iona no. 20' and the stunning 'Cornwall Rocks'.

Michael Sole Prints and Paintings

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