Yoni Alter Art Prints

Artist Yoni Alter studied art and design in Jerusalem before completing his masters in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts, London. Since then he has called London ‘home,’ constantly using the city as a source of inspiration. Yoni is constantly motivated by the city’s urban landscapes and architecture combining his signature sharp silhouettes with bold, vibrant colouring. Featuring architectural landmarks from around the world, his colourful depictions often use colour overlapping and clean lines to symbolise the creative freedom of his modern subjects. Yoni’s colourful depictions of London architecture, simplified and to a degree abstracted are very seductive and seem to sum up the creative vibe of this amazing city. Here you will find many popular Yoni Alter art prints on canvas inspired by iconic world architecture with London's Shard, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge along with cityscapes of Barcelona, Tokyo and Hong Kong into the bargain.