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Alice Dalton Brown Prints

Alice Dalton Brown is one of The Fine Art Company's best-loved artists. Our Alice Dalton Brown art prints and posters create a real focal point with their scale and almost photographic detail. Her breezy, seductive paintings of sun-drenched verandas and billowing curtains are ideal for adding a touch of tranquility and warmth to your room. Working primarily in oil and pastel on paper, she paints large canvases and so our prints on high quality art paper reflect this, in particular the striking 'The Blues Come Through' and 'After His Appearance' art prints which measure an impressive 100 x 152cm and 137 x 100cm respectively. Here sunlight spills through open windows and a warm breezy causes the semi-transparent curtains to billow. In the distance you can see a calm blue ocean. Light and space are key themes in Alice Dalton Brown's paintings and they can brighten even the darkest room in a home or office. 

Alice was born in Pennsylvania in 1939 and grew up in New York. She studied art in Paris, Grenoble and America. Dalton Brown has exhibited her oil paintings all over the world and they form part of both corporate and private collections in America, Europe and beyond. 

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