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Shyama Ruffell Prints on Canvas

Shyama Ruffell grew up in a family of professional artists and had her first taste of exhibiting her work at the age of seven in London. The Ruffell family lived in the heart of the Sussex countryside near Brighton with the soft rolling hills of the South Downs and the South Coast. The textures and forms of nature and a passion for pattern influenced Shyama's decision to study textile design at Eastbourne Art College, going on to specialise in print and surface pattern. Shyama Ruffell continued her career as a design assistant and co-ordinator of a fashion business before becoming a freelance textile designer working for a wide range of companies including Sandersons, Oasis, Selfridges and Hennes. She produces her paintings in her garden studio where the plants (tree ferns, daisies, yuccas, palms, honesty, poppies) provide a constant form of reference and inspiration. Shyama uses a mixture of acrylic, oils, inks, charcoal and collage to produce her paintings and she often works on several pieces at a time. Her paintings have been described as “A cocktail of William Morris, Mackintosh and Rousseau in an English meadow, with a splash of Klimt and a squeeze of Jungle book.”

Shyama has been one of our most popular artists for many years now and best-selling prints on canvas include 'August Fields', 'Dandelion Blue' and also 'Green Dreams'. If you can't see the Ruffell print you are looking for, don't hesitate to drop us a line. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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