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John Nash Prints

British painter John Northcote Nash (11 April 1893 – 23 September 1977) best known for his distinctive English landscape paintings and still-lives, and a wood engraver and illustrator, particularly of botanic works. He was the younger brother of the artist Paul Nash. He moved at the age of eight to Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire. He recalled visits to his uncle’s house at Wallingford, with its acres of orchards, flowerbeds of salpiglossis (painted tongues or velvet trumpet flower), phlox and tobacco plants, and beyond, the Sinodun Hills culminating in the Wittenham Clumps. At school, he threw himself into botany studies. Such boyish enthusiasm for all things natural resulted in an enviable knowledge of plants—so much so that he often described his interests as “gardening, fishing and painting—in that order”. Nash was a countryman through and through, with a sensitivity to landscape that resulted in some of the finest 20th-century depictions of rural England, particularly of the Essex-Suffolk border near the River Stour, where he lived for over 30 years.

The paintings of John Nash exert a subtle fascination. Start looking, and you will notice more. Rhythms pulse across his compositions. Strange geometries are revealed by the simplification of landscape. Trees, whiskery or stout-trunked, form lattices against the light. John Nash: Artist and Countryman, the most comprehensive single-volume monograph on Nash to date, is a magnificent exploration of one artist’s dedication to landscape, and to what it means to be alive in nature.

Here at The Fine Art Company we offer a range of open edition and limited edition prints by John Nash including popular works 'Frozen Ponds' and 'The Cornfield' as well as war paintings 'Over the Top' and 'Oppy Wood'. 

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