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Nancy Ortenstone Art Prints on Canvas

Artist Nancy Ortenstone's distinctive paintings are inspired by the light and landscape of her native New Mexico, especially the light, the ever-changing hues of the mountains, wide-open skies and the embracing silence. Instead of simply reproducing a landscape, Ortenstone takes what she sees into her own psyche and creates many layers of underpainting on each canvas, until the final image emerges. She says: "When I can dance with the colours and trust that each painting is the path to the next, my paintings undergo a transformative process. Acrylics are especially suited to my technique because of the speed with which images can emerge, be washed away and rapidly be brought forth again with new resonance". Her objective is to unite music, dance and colour, creating her own melodies on canvas. She takes her inspiration from painters Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler and Oliveira.

Nancy Ortenstone's paintings are exhibited in several galleries across the USA and are also included in many private and corporate art collections. Here you will find our collection of beautifully produced Nancy Ortenstone prints on canvas. They are available to buy in a range of sizes to suit your space and each arrives stretched and ready to hang on your wall. Popular canvas prints include 'Fields of Music', 'Ode to Joy' with vibrant Mexican desert reds and yellows and also 'Repose'.

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