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Jackson Pollock Art Prints

American Painter Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956) is best known for his ground-breaking Abstract Expressionist 'Drip Paintings'. He abandoned the traditional painter's easel and instead would lay his huge canvases directly onto the floor of his studio, standing over them to pour and fling paint directly onto their surface. His way of painting was radical, raw and physical, and like nothing the contemporary art world had encountered before. As a result Jackson Pollock became extremely famous and one of his drip canvases was featured on the cover of 'Life' magazine alongside the heading ' "Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?". Somewhat notorious as a personality, Pollock was volatile and reclusive and struggled with alcoholism throughout his short life. He was killed in a drink-driving accident at the age of just 44. 

Our Jackson Pollock Prints have always been popular and here you will find his iconic 'Summertime' painting beautifully reproduced by hand as a Silkscreen print on heavyweight 350gsm rag paper. Other Jackson Pollock silkscreen (or serigraph) prints in this range include 'Zeichnung tröpftechnik' and 'Yellow, Gray, Black, 1948'.

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