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Lesley Birch Prints

Artist Lesley Birch was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1958, graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in English Literature and Music.  She subsequently spent some years as a professional musician and English teacher before embracing her love of painting whilst living in Cambridge. Birch has since exhibited her paintings widely and they have featured in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Ing Discerning Eye at London's Mall Galleries and is a past winner of the UK Artist Magazine Award.  Recent paintings have been inspired by trips to Scotland.  As well as this, artist residencies in Wales and Cornwall inform her work. She paints at her studio at home and in York.

Lesley Birch's paintings are an expressive and personal response to place.  Her main inspiration is the landscape and the powerful feelings it evokes.  Birch travels to different places to feed her art practice including Scotland, the Lake District, Italy, Cornwall and Wales.  Her way of painting is somehow combined with emotions about life and reactions to music and literature.  However, she has a very simple and raw love of paint and the basic act of making marks and moves between figuration and abstraction, aiming, simply for balance and emotion in the painting. Popular prints on canvas by Lesley Birch include 'Light of the World', 'Winter Hills' and Seagrass, all of which come in a range of sizes either unframed on a heavyweight fine art paper or professionally custom framed.

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