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Babar Prints and Posters

French illustrator Jean de Brunhoff was born in Paris in 1899. He was best known for his world-famous children's books featuring Babar the Elephant. Babar was originally a character invented by his wife Cecile who featured in the bedtime stories she told their two children. They loved the character of Babar so much that they asked their artistic father to illustrate him for them and so the Babar storybooks were born. Millions of copies of the Babar books were translated into many languages and sold around the world until Jean de Brunhoff's untimely death of TB at the age of just 37. Jean's talented son Laurent soon took up the mantle however and taught himself to draw the characters in an incredibly similar style to his father. He continued the Babar series of books with equal success. Our collection of vintage Babar prints and posters show scenes from many of the best-loved Babar books including 'Babar en Famille', Voyage de Babar' art print and 'Babar en Pique-Nique' poster. These high quality art prints and posters provide the perfect addition to any child's bedroom or nursery. 

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