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Emma Brownjohn Art Prints

Emma Brownjohn is a British commercial illustrator-turned-painter. Her charming paintings are defined by her deft use of colour and harmonious composition. Brownjohn finds inspiration in personal experiences, whether a line of a poem or a glimpse of a colourful passer-by in a grey cityscape. Beautiful and atmospheric, her urban paintings capture fleeting moments in time and space. She often chooses London as her setting and her most popular fine art prints feature iconic buildings such as Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre, the National Gallery, the Gherkin and scenes such as the river Thames at Southwark and Trafalgar Square. Emma Brownjohn's art prints including bestsellers 'Pinstripe' and 'Dusk Walking' are proving popular with interior designers and our corporate art clients. They are available in a wide range of sizes and frames. 

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