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Art For Care Homes UK

Art For Care Homes: There are many studies which show the huge benefits of art within care homes for residents, visitors and staff. Adding high quality, affordable framed art prints or canvases to care home walls can create a calming and welcoming space, while providing an interesting focal point. A lot of research carried out by The Alzheimer’s Society and the Wellcome Collection advise on what kind of artwork can help dementia patients and what should be avoided. Artwork can be used to stimulate memories, become a talking point, produce feelings of warmth, calm and reassurance. The Fine Art Company has supplied art to care homes around the UK for the past 20 years and so we count ourselves as experts in this area!

Below: Tranquil woodland scenes such as 'Distant Colour' by Libby Smart are great for a care home interior. This beautifully produced print has been custom framed in a simple black box frame with a white mount and safety glass.

What Kind of Art Works Best in A Care Home Interior?

Land and seascapes or forest scenes with soft lines and gentle colours are ideal in a care home setting and in our Art For Care Homes range you will find a carefully curated collection of prints and canvases perfect for this environment. Popular artists in our Art for Care Homes collection include canvases and fine art prints by British landscape painters Libby Smart and Lesley Birch and seascapes by Hannah Cole. Still life scenes featuring flowers are also a firm favourite, though for a contemporary twist check out the canvas prints by textile designer and painter Fi Douglas of Bluebellgray who creates calming, captivating florals to suit any colour scheme or the work of Karen Birchwood.

Below: This oak framed print of a still life entitled 'Spring Vase' by Karen Birchwood is a contemporary take on a traditional subject. Calm colours and soft forms such as these are perfect for creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere for guests and residents alike.

Studies reveal that soft lines and colours work best in a care home interior and strong colours, geometric or busy abstract or modern artworks are best avoided. Likewise, busy urban scenes are possibly better substituted for a still life, floral or landscape print or canvas. Abstract paintings work well if they are not too busy and blues, greens and yellows are proven to be the best colours for creating a soothing space whereas reds, blacks and pinks are quite overpowering and can distract the eye.

At The Fine Art Company we can provide ready to hang canvases or custom framed fine art prints in a huge range of sizes to suit your space. Our experienced staff are on hand to provide assistance and expertise for your project.

Call Laina on 07973 779471 or email to discuss your requirements.

Below: Iris by Erin Clark. Erin's beautiful, close-up colour photographs of flowers are modern and yet very classic. With their Soft-focus and rich tones of greens, purples and greys they offer the perfect colour palette for a care home bedroom or hallway.

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