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Art for Restaurants - Vintage Eclectic

Updated: May 12, 2023

A feast for the eyes as well as the senses, the Vintage Eclectic style creates a vibrant and striking restaurant interior with something to appeal to every diner. Vintage book illustrations featuring topics as diverse as fish, hot air balloons and farm animals jostle for space been black and white photographs of 1920's flappers and Art Deco linocuts of cats and flowers. There is something to interest and inspire everywhere you look. When combined with sumptuous soft furnishings, glittering chandeliers and carefully selected antique pieces, the overall look of the new Bill's elevates the space and creates a beautiful dining experience for guests. The Vintage Eclectic style combines classic imagery of architectural plans, vintage advertisements and book illustrations alongside strong, geometric compositions in bold colours and heavy black line. Rather than spacing out the pictures, frames are displayed close together up to the ceiling, to create a dynamic feature wall behind banquette seating. The overall effect is visually striking. More is definitely more when it comes to this approach to design! It is no surprise that the chain was recently awarded the Best Designed Restaurant of the Year award at the Casual Dining Awards in 2020.

Above: Bill's Restaurant and Bar in Leeds

Laina Watt, Creative Director at The Fine Art Company says "It's been a delight to work alongside Bill Collison and team to realise his vision for the Bill's chain. The refits were done in very quick succession so it was a pretty crazy time - not least because my second child Monty was born just as it all kicked off. We do all the design work, printing and framing in-house but I have a brilliant team. Nonetheless, I was back at the helm within two weeks. Bill was very specific about what artwork would work in each space, and in many cases bespoke images needed to be created from scratch to fit. I was painting Toucans with one hand and holding a baby in the other".

Above: A 1920's Vintage Advertising poster capturing birds in flight.

The Fine Art Company produces prints in-house using the latest Giclee digital printing technology, from postcard size to billboard. All pictures are framed by hand in their Sussex workshops. They can match your existing frames or source something ideal for your project with a friendly team happy to advise. They can source any image for your project - and if it isn't available, their team of in-house artists and designers can create something bespoke to your specifications.

The Fine Art Company offers competitive discounts for Interior Designers and interior fit-out contractors. To discuss your project or to order samples please email Laina at or call 07973 779471

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