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Cyril Power Art Prints

Limited Edition Prints by British Print-maker Cyril Power

London-born artist Cyril Power is celebrated as one of the pioneers and leading exponents of the linocut in England. His striking, dynamic art prints perfectly captured the speed, movement and flow of modern urban London in the 1920's and 30's. He is well-known for his artistic partnership with popular Canadian artist Sybil Andrews, and for co-founding The Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London in 1925. Like his father, Cyril Power was also had a career as a successful architect, winning the Sloane Medallion awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects for his design for an art school.

Whence and Whither Art Print
Cyril Power Art Prints

In 1925, Cyril Power and Sybil Andrews joined forces with fellow artists and print-makers Iain McNab and Claude Flight to set up The Grosvenor School of Modern Art in Warwick Square, London. Cyril Power was the principal lecturer and taught his students about the form and structure of buildings, historical ornament and on architectural styles. But he, along with Andrews, also attended Claude Flight’s classes in linocutting. Soon, Cyril Power and Sybil Andrew gained such a reputation that students that came from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand to study. Here you will see Power's much-loved linocut 'Whence and Whither' which is emblematic of his work and features figures travelling down an esculator into the tube station at Tottenham Court Road. He captures perfectly the movement and energy of this urban scene. This linocut print was originally titled 'Cascade' as streams of workers flow downwards. This limited edition print is beautifully produced with an edition size of 950 on a 310gsm cotton rag paper.  

Limited Edition Cyril Power Prints
Sunshine Roof Print by Cyril Power

Above: 'The Sunshine Roof' Limited Edition art print by artist Cyril Power

Classic Cyril Power's 1934 Linocut 'The Sunshine Roof' is printed from four lino printing blocks in primrose yellow, brown, viridian and prussian blue. This print was inspired by a bus trip made by Power along with his son Cyril Arthur Power on the Green Line bus on a trip between London and Hereford. Power was encouraged by fellow artist and printmaker Claude Flight to produce work that depicted speed and movement of contemporary London life. Cyril Power was fascinated by modes of modern transport, in particular the London Underground.

'The Tube Station' Art Print by #cyrilpower

Below you'll find our limited edition art print 'The Tube Station' - one of Power's best-loved lino-cuts. British artist and printmaker Cyril Power had a fascination with the London underground. He originally produced this art-deco style lino cut using five colours in 1932 and it features a tube train pulling out of Bank Underground station. This fine art print has been lovingly reproduced using contemporary giclee technology on a high quality 310gsm hand made textured paper giving it the look and feel of the original print. 'The Tube Station' is one of our bestselling London-themed prints at The Fine Art Company. 

Cyril Power Linocuts
The Tube Station Art Print by Cyril Power

We also offer have an extensive collection of limited edition Sybil Andrews prints including 'Fall of the Leaf', 'In Full Cry' and 'Concert Hall'.

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