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Emma Brownjohn Art Prints on Canvas

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Focus on British Artist Emma Brownjohn

Emma Brownjohn is a British illustrator-turned-painter. Her charming paintings are defined by her deft use of colour and harmonious compositions often featuring stylised figures in urban scenes. Brownjohn looks for inspiration in personal experiences, whether a line of a poem or a glimpse of a colourful passer-by in a grey cityscape. Beautiful and atmospheric, her urban paintings capture fleeting moments in time and space. She often chooses London as her setting and her most popular fine art prints feature iconic buildings such as Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre, the National Gallery, the Gherkin and scenes such as the river Thames at Southwark and Trafalgar Square. Emma Brownjohn's art prints include bestsellers 'Pinstripe' and 'Dusk Walking' and these are are proving popular with interior designers and among our corporate art clients. They are available in a wide range of sizes, on canvas and in professionally hand-crafted frames.

Emma Brownjohn Art Prints
Dusk Walking Canvas by Emma Brownjohn

Brownjohn's bestselling canvas print 'Dusk Walking' pictured above features Trafalgar Square in Central London with folks going about their daily business as darkness falls and the streetlights come on. Nelson's Column and the fountains are just visible. This is the view from the steps of the National Gallery looking towards Westminster and the river Thames and the Clocktower of Big Ben can just be seen. Emma's distinctive London-themed paintings make a great office leaving gift if you work in the City, or simply a colourful addition to your office wall.

Prints on Canvas by Emma Brownjohn
Between the Leaves Canvas Print by Emma Brownjohn

'Between the Leaves' is an Autumnal scene of a man walking a dog as golden leaves fall. This is one of our most popular prints on canvas available from The Fine Art Company's online art gallery. One of our favourites paintings is 'Pinstripe' as seen below - an abstract composition featuring colourful figures on a grey background. This charming urban scene could be London or indeed any town or city in the world.

Art on Canvas Brownjohn
Pinstripe Art Print by Brownjohn

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