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Focus on 'Summertime' Art Print by Jackson Pollock

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

American Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock produced his iconic 'Summertime' drip painting in 1948. Since then it has become one of his most enduring and iconic images produced at the height of his creativity, an era dating from 1946 to 1950. The original measured a remarkable 84 x 555cm - 0ver five and a half metres in length - and can be seen at the Tate Modern in London. Pollock's 'drip paintings' were created by working on canvases laid on the floor, pouring and dripping paint directly upon them in order to create an artwork that came directly from his unconscious. Pollock wanted to achieve an unplanned and accidental expression that became known as 'pure painting', he became a key figure of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Summertime Art Print
Jackson Pollock Summertime Print

With a striking, long narrow format, 'Summertime' has a movement and rhythm that flows along it's length and has been compared by many critics to a line of dancing figures. Predominantly Pollock has used black paint on an off-white canvas background but there are also flashes of yellow, spatters of green, blue and magenta.

'Summertime' by Jackson Pollock is available as a beautifully hand-produced 'Silkscreen' or 'Serigraph' print on a 350gsm fine art paper in our Sussex studios. Compared to the original painting it measures a slightly more modest 40 x 150cm. 'Summertime' has been one of our bestselling modern art prints for well over a decade and this stunning artwork will not disappoint!

Brighton Pier is available from the Fine Art Company as a Limited Edition Art Print with an image size of 17 x 47cm and paper size 28 x 61cm. Each limited edition print is produced on 310gsm cotton rag paper and hand embossed and numbered and the edition size is 950.

Convergence Art Print by Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock Paintings
Convergence Art Print by Jackson Pollock

Painted in 1947, 'Convergence' is another iconic drip painting by Pollock. It began life as a straight-forward abstract but at some point in the process of painting, Pollock laid down his brush and began instead to drip and spatter his pigment, not quite completely covering the underlayer, into which he also embedded small pieces of gravel to increase the texture. Our 'Luficer' fine art print is produced to the highest quality on 350gsm fine art paper

Jackson Pollock Drip Paintings
Yellow, Gray, Black Art Print

Painted in 1948, the expressive drip canvas titled 'Yellow, Gray, Black' is one of Jackson Pollock's best-known drip paintings. Pollock’s aim to work directly from his own subconscious led to a radical process of dripping and pouring paint directly over large canvases placed flat on the studio floor. This fine art print is produced as a high quality fine art print on a satin fine art paper in our Sussex studios.

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